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Safi Cham

Front End Developer


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My projects highlight my exposure to React (JS), Styled Components (React/CSS), Bootstrap (CSS), SASS (CSS), jQuery (JS), Angular (JS), Node (JS), Rails (Ruby), Sinatra (Ruby), PostgreSQL (Database), Firebase (Database), TypeScript (JS), Jasmine (Testing), Karma (Testing), RSpec (Testing), AJAX, RESTful API, and more.


Other projects can be found on my GitHub page.

Reveal The Image Reveal The Image Reveal The Image
A game involving guessing the correct randomized hidden animal by clicking away blocks to reveal the answer. The timer counts down upon the first block click. Initials and high scores are saved from high to low in local storage.


[reveal the image]

Rock Paper Scissors Rock Paper Scissors
This classic game of rock, paper and scissors is played against a computer player. After 5 rounds, a winner is announced. If it is a draw on the 5th round, the game continues until a winner is determined.


[rock paper scissors]

Shoes-Stores Tracker Shoes-Stores Tracker Shoes-Stores Tracker
This program lets the user create, update and delete stores. The user can also create, update and delete shoes and prices. Shoes can be added to stores. A store can't have duplicate shoes.

Ruby Sinatra PostgreSQL

[stores-shoes tracker]

Value Crafts Value Crafts Value Crafts
An e-commerce site allowing an admin user to add/delete products and remove reviews. Basic users can add products to the cart, and they can also rate and comment on products.

Ruby Rails PostgreSQL

[value crafts]

Reveal The Image Reveal The Image Reveal The Image
A project for my 2-3 years old nephew to learn ABC. Click/keypress or touch a letter to trigger a sound/image event. Interact with the same letter to loop through words associated with said letter.



Random Quotes Random Quotes Random Quotes
A project to complete for the freeCodeCamp front-end certification, this React app lets users click a button to see random quotes and tweet quotes. Data is fetched from a json gist file at the initial load of the website.


[random quotes]

Grill Master Grill Master Grill Master
A remote collaboration MERN project, my role is the frontend. The site is a pixel-perfect duplicate of a pdf mockup. The backend is currently a work in progress.

React StyledComponents

[grill master]

Khmer Mockup
A mockup of an edutainment web app on learning the Cambodian language, Khmer. I had been learning to read and write Khmer via out of print books. This mockup was born from a desire for a user-friendly way to learn Khmer.


[website mockup]

Misc Tech

[misc projects]


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hello safi

About Me

I am a front-end developer in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My self-taught journey began in the summer of 2017, and since then I've continued my learning by building projects and solving coding problems. I frequent coding meetups and occasionally participate in hackathons to immerse myself in the world of software development.

Besides programming, I enjoy building scenes and models using 3D software. Doodling in my sketchbook is another activity I do on occasion. I'm slowly adding learning the guitar in the mix.

Other activities I enjoy include trying new hiking trails, running, photography, and playing video games. I really would like to get better at cooking... one day.